Money, Jobs, and luck

Tue Sep 23 09:44:55 EST 1997

The topic of luck being a factor in getting jobs came up recently, and 
the more I thought about it, the more annoyed I got.  Not because I 
don't think there is an element of chance to finding a job, but because 
I think women in general credit chance more than it deserves while men 
in general credit skill, credentials, etc. more than they deserve (I'm 
speaking in sweeping generalizations here, so hold the flames).

I had a hard time remembering any male colleague or acquaintance discuss 
the factor of luck in his successful job search, yet I've heard women 
over and over again talk about the luck of being in the right place at 
the right time.  I myself am guilty of crediting luck with some of my 
own successes.  

I've heard it said that we make our own luck, and I think, while luck 
may be a factor, focusing on it takes away from the incredibly talented, 
skilled individuals who land the jobs-if you got the job without 12 
Science pubs (exaggeration), it wasn't luck-it was some other skill you 
brought to the department.  Let's give ourselves some credit!
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