Money, Jobs, and no bullets

JuneKK junekk at
Tue Sep 23 07:42:45 EST 1997

If I could be allowed just one last griping-

I am hard pressed not to feel intimidated by the realities of academia,
when so many are posting the point that it is not enough to have the
publications, qualifications, etc. when the idea which seems to persist the
most is the  "right time, dumb luck" rule.  [Or is it just me?!].   This is
not to say that I'm not looking for magic bullets either-

 Certainly, I know people who have had similar experiences....Of the
people I graduated with for example:  1 person is an asst prof after less
than one year of postdocing (and few pubs), 1 person is BOTH an asst prof
at a small Catholic college (teaching) AND doing a postdoc under an NRSA he
got funded for, a 3rd person is doing his postdoc in a prestigious lab with
an NRSA HE got, while 2 others have basically left science...{All who I
considered,  outstanding scientists, by the way}

Yes, great ideas, and "clicking" with the departments in question makes
sense to me, and NOT having the pubs, refs, etc can certainly kill one's
chances--BUT as I send out my CVs and make my own job inquiries, I can not
help to wonder what else it is that I can do to help the process-- and
importantly, what questions should I consider in guiding my next major

I guess the point that Susan makes (who, by the way, contributes some
great advice to this newsgroup- Thanks!), is that if you want to continue
in science, then just keep persevering with what you love ("WORK HARD, AND
GO FOR IT") and most importantly, not to "let people play mind-games with
you to convince you you just can't do it." 
{Words which I greatly appreciate, as I often seem to let myself feel this
way as well, despite my best intentions and especially lately!}

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