nobel prize winning women in science

Rachelle J. Bienstock rachelle at
Tue Sep 23 11:21:17 EST 1997

Someone referred to Rosalyn Yalow.  I haven't read the book everyone is
referring to, but her husband, Aaron Yalow was also a PhD physicist.  In
fact, I had the priviledge of having him as my physics professor in
college, and of meeting Rosalyn Yalow.  SWE (Society of Women Engineers)
invited her, and she came and spoke to us.  

When she won the Nobel Prize, she and her husband were interviewed on
some show like "Today" or "Good Morning America", and when I was an
undergraduate, her husband was quite famous for the line "and I helped
peal the potatoes!"

It should be mentioned that while Rosalyn had her PhD in Physics (from
the University of Illinois) she won the Nobel Prize in Medicine.  She
also had two children, a son and a daughter. 

Someone mentioned that there were 14 women who won the Nobel Prize.  I
can only think of 4.  Could someone enlightened me and list the others
along with the prize which they won and the year?  Many of the women
mentioned in the Book discussed did not actually win the Nobel Prize
(such as Rosalyn Franklin).  The author included them because their work
led to the awarding of a Nobel Prize and in the case of Rosalyn
Franklin, many feel she was treated unjustly.

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