Money Jobs and Magic Bullets

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>For those of us searching for jobs (without 12 papers or a science
>publication) some of the posts have been depressing. Most people I know
>have gotten jobs if they have applied to a wide range of places
>(geographically and in type of position). Most people I know didn't get
>exactly the position they wanted, or they searched longer than they
>expected to- (My field is biophysical Chemistry).  I think the magic
>bullet analogy is  apt, and Susan's advice, as always, is appreciated.  
>My philosophy, as depressed/frustrated etc. as I get is- I cannot get a
>job that I don't apply for.

Paula-Amen!  I didn't apply for my current position at first because I was
tired of sending out CV's.  I did get some interviews from those, but I
wasn't impressed.  I met with half the search committee when I went
through the Experimental Biology "meat market", faxed, then sent my
credentials, and eureka!  This was the best fit for me.  I shudder to
think that I could have been a postdoc for another year had I not gone
through that meat market.


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