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>Please dont take this as a criticism, is it so important to fill your
>cabinet with a trophy to show how great you are? The Nobel Peace Prize
>to many people is nothing more than an empty gesture created and awarded
>by beaurocrat in the West to individuals they can used for their
>political advantages. It is true there are were obstacles women once had
to face
>when persuing a career in science but certainly in my life time there has
>never been any objection or discrimination for men and women in the science
>        Wah

I cannot let this pass without my comments.  Wah, have you ever had
someone discount your dedication to your career because you have two
ovaries and "might get pregnant?"  Have you ever been denied tenure
because you were too busy working to play golf with the high muckymucks
who pass judgment on such decisions?  Have you ever been paid less than a
male colleague because your husband will support you?  These are the
realities of women in science today.  Discrimination against women in
science still exists, no matter what enlightened men think.


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