nobel prize winning women

Karen Allendoerfer ravena at
Wed Sep 24 06:23:00 EST 1997

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aloisia schmid <a-schmi at> wrote:
>there was an English woman, an astrophysicist, whose name I have
>forgotten, but who discovered quasars or pulsars or something.  I have the
>book at home---I'll look up the others.
>                  Alice

Jocelyn Bell, I think.  But I don't think she actually got the prize.
She was a graduate student at the time.  There  is a book called _Nobel
Prize Women in Science_  by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne (written before C N-V
won), that includes Bell, and Rosalind Franklin, as well--as women who
did Nobel-worthy work, even if they didn't get the prize.


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