Money, Jobs, and no bullets

Gina Berardesco gbe392 at
Wed Sep 24 09:25:58 EST 1997

JuneKK (junekk at wrote:
> If I could be allowed just one last griping-

> I guess the point that Susan makes (who, by the way, contributes some
> great advice to this newsgroup- Thanks!), is that if you want to continue
> in science, then just keep persevering with what you love ("WORK HARD, AND
> GO FOR IT") and most importantly, not to "let people play mind-games with
> you to convince you you just can't do it." 
> {Words which I greatly appreciate, as I often seem to let myself feel this
> way as well, despite my best intentions and especially lately!}

JuneKK, you've voiced my feelings exactly. It's so easy to get discouraged
when faced with the realities of pursuing an academic career. I have to keep
reminding myself that there are people who get jobs, and I'm just as good as
them. I also keep reminding myself to save some anxiety for after I get the
job and I'm trying to get tenure...don't want to burn myself to a crisp just


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