sex-bias in our lifetimes

C. Boake cboake at
Wed Sep 24 13:49:58 EST 1997

I thought it was worth starting a new name for this thread because the
only way that we can refute those who deny discrimination is to provide
numbers. (Somebody please keep a tally!)  When I was an undergraduate I
worked for a woman scientist in a research dept of the medical school. 
Because of the anti-nepotism laws she was not in a tenured job; her
husband was on the faculty in a different college.  This was about 1969 or
70.  I believe that later she gained a line position, but it was late in
her career, probably not much more than 10 years before she retired.  She
made substantial contributions to her field and was passionately dedicated
to her work, but received little recognition or assistance from the

While we're on anecdotes I'll also mention a woman who left a graduate
program in mathematics after some pretty nasty words.  This was in the
late 70's; she had been told by a male faculty member in mathematics at a
prestigious school that women are no good at math and should not be in
graduate school in the department.  

I cannot recall experiencing overt discrimination myself, but I doubt that
it has gone away from science.  I hope that conditions are better now than
when I was a student, and will improve further.


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