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Wildcatz abe at U.Arizona.EDU
Thu Sep 25 11:12:53 EST 1997

Hello All - 

I'm a graduating Senior at the Univ of Az in Tucson, in Ecology and
Evolutionary biology, which sort of seems to be atthe opposite end of the
biological spectrum from most of the folks who are posting here - but what
the heck - it's worth a shot, huh??  :)  I am in the middle of my Peace
Corps application process and will also be applying for as many jobs as I
can find.  I don't want to hop right into Grad School, but see it as an
inevitable step in what I hope will be my lifetime career in science.  My
problemi is (a)Ecology is a relatively new field and I don't know what the
good school are for one looking for excellant Graduate programs.  and (b)
I just plain don't know anything about Grad School, about what makes being
a grad student different from an undergrad, about the whole thesis I have to know going in what I want to research, do I have to have
prior research experience??  We have a friend of the family who is just
starting Grad School and she was talking to Prof's at Univ's to see who
had space in labs for a grad student... I just don't know!  :)  {Everyone
told me that theUA was *not* an undergrad instutition and now I
wholeheartedly agree.... but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.} BUT,
I'd really like to get into Conservation Biology and perhaps International
Conservation.  So if anyone can help me out either with good school for
Cons Bio or Ecol OR with what makes Grad School grad school... that would
be terrific!!  Thanks to all for your help!!

abe at
abeychan at

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