The Nobel Prize

Linda Stern linda at
Sat Sep 27 00:57:07 EST 1997

c-galloway at TAIU.EDU (Cynthia M. Galloway) writes:

>We just had a seminar on Rosalind Franklin today and the students were
>wondering, "If Watson would have treated Franklin the same way had she been
>a man?"  I said I would throw the question out to the group for comments.

>They also said she should have won the Nobel Prize had she lived.  

One interesting point is that Franklin's name isn't on the Nature
paper.  I can't remember whether she was acknowledged (from memory, I
think yes, for a photo).

It seems to me that women are often not as agressive as men in making
sure they get public credit for everything they contribute.  I wonder
if this was a factor.


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