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Sat Sep 27 12:24:24 EST 1997

From: biosci-help at (BIOSCI Administrator)

> Dear Participants in bionet.women-in-bio newsgroup,
> As you may have seen in an earlier posting, we will soon implement a
> new policy to control spam in unmoderated groups. The original message
> is copied directly below. Appended after it is a copy of my proposed
> new group charter. Since no charter currently exists for
> WOMENINBIOLOGY, I have formulated a nominal charter designed only to
> exclude commercial and pornographic materials from being posted. The
> proposed charter is appended at the end, after a copy of my original
> posting about the purposes of "moderation for spam."
> If you have any suggestions for change in the text or in the policy,
> please let me or the group know within the next week.
> Thanks,
> Serge Taylor
> Biosci Administrator
> Stanford University

I think this sounds fine, and I think we shold thank Serge and the
BioSci staff for setting this up. (I assume this means that Cassandra
and additional volunteers will not be needed for spam patrol?)

I note that a recent rather 
insidious spam-trick steals the name of a legitimate participant
and posts under that name.  Will the filters catch that spam too?

One does wonder how much return the spammers get from annoying
SO many people. 

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