Nobel women

Karen Allendoerfer ravena at
Sun Sep 28 07:25:50 EST 1997

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sunny N stewart <sunnyesq at> wrote:
>I had the opportunity of a lifetime, at least I believe that I did.  I
>ha the opportunity to spend the afternoon and evening on a purely
>social level with Gertrude Elion ( Nobel '88 ).

Interesting!  How did you meet her?

>So before we pooh-pooh these women the few very few, we should thank
>them as I thank them for trying to make our lives just that little bit

Who's pooh-poohing them?  The postings I've read on this newsgroup (with
a few notable exceptions, such as Mr. Chan, who's always there to provide
an alterate point of view) express admiration and gratitude.


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