The Nobel Prize

Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at TAIU.EDU
Mon Sep 29 09:48:41 EST 1997

>One interesting point is that Franklin's name isn't on the Nature
>paper.  I can't remember whether she was acknowledged (from memory, I
>think yes, for a photo).

She was not really ever acknowledged except for Watson to say he stole her
work in his book, "The Double Helix".  I know that isn't a direct quote but,
it says the same thing.  I do not want to put my personal opinion of James
Watson on the net but, I regret having wasted my time waiting in line to
hear him "speak".  

>It seems to me that women are often not as agressive as men in making
>sure they get public credit for everything they contribute.  I wonder
>if this was a factor.

I don't think Rosalind wasn't acknowledged because she wasn't aggressive.
She wanted to do good science that was backed up by facts.  She didn't
knowingly "contribute".  Her work was given away by "friends".

Until I got my Ph.D, I believed in the goodness of people but, I was naive.
I learned my lesson during my postdoc and know that "friends" often aren't.


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