Nobel women

Rachelle J. Bienstock rachelle at
Tue Sep 30 11:06:40 EST 1997

I have met both Getrude Elion (she lives here in Chapel Hill), 
Rosalyn Yalow, George Hitchings, Martin Rodbell, Al Gilman and many
other Nobel Laureates in my time...  As you can see from the comments
made concerning James Watson, Nobel Laureates are just
people...Sometimes they can be as narrowminded and foolish as the rest
of us..Al Gilman smokes like a chimney (something which you would least
expect a medical researcher to do!) and Getrude Elion loves the
opera...They shouldn't be deified...they are human just like the rest of
Although I have never met him, I am told that the fellow who won the
Nobel Prize for PCR(Mullis?) (at a rather young age) just spends his
time surfing now ...

Nobel Laureates are just a group of people who happened to be recognized
for a contribution.  They are selected by other people who have
subjective criteria, and so their selection is not absolute...Many would
argue that there have been people whose work was more deserving of a
Nobel and that they were overlooked.

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