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When I heard Watson speak at the University of Georgia, he talked about
"checking out the babes" when going places.  We had lots of Boy Scout and
Girl Scout troops in attendance and, I thought his statements were rather
inappropriate for the audience (or any audience).  When I worked in Hawaii
the following year we had a speaker talking about field equipment and he
showed slides od equipment drapped with semi-clothed women and no one else
thought this inappropriate.  I was told "boys will be boys".


>This doesn't directly answer the question as to whether Watson would have
>treated Franklin the same way had she been a man, but I think it gives you
>a hint that the answer to that is "no".
>James Watson gave two talks here at Cornell a few years ago, after one of
>the talks there was a "Meet the Speaker" for graduate students, which I
>attended.  At this gathering (close to half the students there were women)
>Watson was asked several questions about Rosalind Franklin and whether she
>should have received the Nobel had she not died prior to its being
>awarded.  Basically what Watson said was that Franklin didn't deserve the
>Nobel because she wasn't very feminine and wasn't nice to him.  Not too
>long after commenting on Franklin, Watson went on to say that the only
>reason women go to graduate school is to find husbands.  The faculty host
>whisked him a way rather quickly after that, which was probably a good
>Oh, did I forget to mention that in his non-science talk he showed photos
>of a CSH gathering back in the 50's or 60's and commented on the physical
>attributes of several of the women in the pictures?
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