The Nobel Prize

Linnea Ista lkista at UNM.EDU
Tue Sep 30 13:41:26 EST 1997

> The Noble Prize is given for a discovery, not for life work or anything
> like that. And the people they are given too are sometimes outspoken
> or very not politically correct or perhaps dress badly.
I find it a little insulting that dressing badly is put in the same
category as telling women that they can't/shoudln't do science and that
our basic worth is predicated not on our intellectual acheivements, but
our physical appearance and whether or not we wear adequate amounts of
makeup, which, from what I have read here and in his writings is Watson's
basic outlook on the whole matter. That is not just basic "political
incorrectness" (a term with which I personally have some problems with
anyhow, it is out and out damaging sexism. 

Like it or not Nobel prize winnners are considered by our society to be
the creme de la creme of scientists. It is they to whom those making
policy tend to turn when making decisions. Their publically aired views do
make a difference and it is certainly within reason for those of us
discussed in those views to be able to refute them.


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