proper attire

Thu Aug 13 01:13:11 EST 1998

Just to confound the question-what do some of you do about "dual days"-those days when you 
have lab work in the morning, an important meeting with an industry member about outside 
funding over lunch, teaching in the afternoon, and the dreaded faculty party at the 
president's house in the early evening. Though I've never had this mess all at once, both my 
husband and I have had at least two and sometimes 3 occur on the same day and we both fret a 
bit over appropriate attire-though me much more than him (essentially his choices are 
jeans/pants and tie/no tie-mine are much more involved). It is an important question-in the 
yearly comments my husband receives from his chair pre-tenure, there are always comments 
from older faculty about his dress-some of them feel that faculty should NEVER wear jeans, 
lab work or not and women should ALWAYS wear a skirt.  I suspect this is "Old Southern", but 
I'm curious if others have encountered this at other departments and universities-I never 
encountered it in the Northeast.

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