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>Just to confound the question-what do some of you do about "dual
days"-those days when you 
>have lab work in the morning, an important meeting with an industry
member about outside 
>funding over lunch, teaching in the afternoon, and the dreaded faculty
party at the 
>president's house in the early evening. Though I've never had this mess
all at once, both my 
>husband and I have had at least two and sometimes 3 occur on the same day
and we both fret a 
>bit over appropriate attire-though me much more than him (essentially his
choices are 
>jeans/pants and tie/no tie-mine are much more involved). It is an
important question-in the 
>yearly comments my husband receives from his chair pre-tenure, there are
always comments 
>from older faculty about his dress-some of them feel that faculty should
NEVER wear jeans, 
>lab work or not and women should ALWAYS wear a skirt.  I suspect this is
"Old Southern", but 
>I'm curious if others have encountered this at other departments and
universities-I never 
>encountered it in the Northeast.
Julia-It's definitely the "Old Southern" mindset.  Dallas was even worse
than your description of A&M.  Usually my solution to the multiple events
days would be to dress as nicely as possible given what I needed to do in
the lab, and keep my lab coat buttoned up.  The Dallas style includes
stiletto heels, but grad school in Ithaca rapidly caused me to rid my
closet of any shoes with heels taller than 1 1/2 inches.


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