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Thu Aug 13 01:13:21 EST 1998

bjag at writes:

>                                    I arrived for an appointment with a
>department chairman, only to be asked by the secretary something to the
>effect of whether I needed a drop card signed -- she had mis-identified
>me as a medical student. 

Unless you informed her of your name and reason for being there, as soon 
as you walked in, it seems logical to me for her to assume you belong to
the horde of medical students that stampede through her office.

As for what to wear:  it varies a lot by the local custom.  At meetings
in my field, the uniform is virtually identical for men and women.  For
women, a skirt instead of shorts/jeans/slacks/dress pants is an option,
but what *kind* of skirt depends on the uniform dress code of the group.

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