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Fri Aug 14 01:24:47 EST 1998

>Julia-It's definitely the "Old Southern" mindset.  Dallas was even worse
>than your description of A&M.  Usually my solution to the multiple events
>days would be to dress as nicely as possible given what I needed to do in
>the lab, and keep my lab coat buttoned up.  The Dallas style includes
>stiletto heels, but grad school in Ithaca rapidly caused me to rid my
>closet of any shoes with heels taller than 1 1/2 inches.
>C.J. Fuller

In defense of A&M, which is slightly less "traditional", the description was of my husband's 
institution, which is a small state university. A&M women faculty  often wear slacks.
And I have to agree with the poster (Karen?) who said she used to dress in such a way that 
if she spilled Commassie or some such thing on her, it wouldn't matter, but now she's taken 
to labcoats.  I'm starting to shy away from the grad student uniform as well.  The moment of 
truth came when I wore my work clothes to a parent-teacher function (how dressed up would 
you get for a lecture in the high school cafeteria?) and was embarrassed to be the sloppiest 
Mom there.  This never happened to me in Vermont-jeans are a uniform there.  Here in the 
South, I swear some people spend half a day dressing to go grocery shopping. Just the fact 
that I make sure nothing I'm wearing is ripped before I run to the store means it's affected 
me somewhat.  It's reassuring to read posts from other places!
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