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>Well,  I'm going to press the next part of proper attire...what do you
>suggest for grad school interviews?  I'm beginning to get my applications
>together, and it would be good to have a head start on finding clothes
>that fit my 5' 2" frame....
>- Amy Caudy
>Washington University

Amy-I've seen all types of attire on grad school applicants.  Everything
>From shorts to suits.  If it were me again (please, no!), I'd probably
wear a more casual (but still tidy) outfit.  A dress, skirt and blouse, or
trousers and blouse would be fine, especially if you're going to be
touring labs or hiking across big campuses.  I wore suits to my grad
school interviews many years ago.  Big mistake.  Most of my interviews
were the summer before I applied.  It was raining in MD, and oppressively
hot in Boston, CT, and Ithaca.  

Good luck!  Cindy

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