significance of misidentification

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Sat Aug 15 17:35:01 EST 1998

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> As I proposed in the other thread, if I can avoid these confusions by
> altering my style of clothing, that's certainly something I'm willing to
> do (within bounds -- stilletto heels are not an option). I do think,
> however, that avoiding making those assumptions about the people we meet
> is also a good idea, and would generally make the world a better place!
> Bharathi

I'm reminded of a wake-up that I had a few years ago, when I had to see a
radiologist.  I was astonished to meet a tall willowy woman with long
thick curled hair, a black miniskirt, and a tight black-and-gold
scoop-neck top; she looked like a cross between a country music star and a
fashion model.  I had thought I was pretty free of preconceived notions,
but that meeting educated me!  Fortunately she was only interested in the
screen of the device that was in the room with us, so if my jaw dropped,
she didn't see me.


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