Significance of misidentification

Chris Odt chriso at
Tue Aug 18 00:01:39 EST 1998

Hello.....just a  side note to this discussion.  A few years back I had my
daughter in to the Dr's for an appt., (she was about 4 or 5) and the
female resident that was seeing her needed to confer with a Sr. MD.  She
left our room and returned a few minutes later with the Dr. in charge for
that day, who just happened to be a man. After Emily was introduced to
this new Dr., she said hi and then blurted out, "You can't be a doctor! 
You're a boy!"  It was a moment to cherish.  And everyone in the room
laughed for a long time about that comment, including the doctor in
charge.  So the continual struggle to make
men and women equals in the workplace, is indeed making an impact in my
kid's generation.  Thanks!.........Chris

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