Proper attire or the Fashion Police

Muriel Lederman lederman at
Thu Aug 20 08:35:20 EST 1998

Indeed, fashion is in the eye of the social situation.

I recently heard that in addition to the high tuition at HBCU, there is an
additional cost, that of _really_dressing up to go to class.

I have a hard time shopping with my daughter at this time - she's a rising
senior at an elite-ish college in a major urban area. What I think is
dressy, she wil wear to class, and tell me that it's not really dressy
since women come to class in Armani (!!) Of course, my perspective is now
southwest Virginia, where dressy is a nice pair of wool pants, as opposed
to chinos. Ah,  for my days as a first-year graduate student, when I wore
heels, suits/dresses every day - that's a joke, BTW. Muriel

Ambition will cure AIDS before compassion does.

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