Did we have it all and lose it?

A. M. Kiewietdejonge amkiwi at sfsu.edu
Wed Aug 26 00:00:23 EST 1998

At 9:37 PM -0700 8/24/98, Linnea Ista wrote:
>If I had $1 for every time, particularly since I have turned 35, that I
>have been reminded: 1. My biological clock is running out and therefore I
>should hurry up and have a baby 2. That I will not live a fulfilled life
>or will not understand the true nature of love/life/sacrifice/the divine
>unless I become a mother 3. If I don't do it now I will regret it when I
>am older...

Yes, amazing how as soon as I finally got my degree my father expected my
husband and I to "get down to business" and get on with having a family.
After all, I'm now the ripe old age of 34, see 1, 2, and 3 above...  This
even though my husband is a flight attendant and of the two of us I have
the higher earning potential; I've had my education and now it's time to be
a stay-at-home mom!

Right behind you on the soapbox, Linnea...


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