Did we have it all and lose it?

Karen Lona Allendoerfer ravena at alumni.princeton.edu
Wed Aug 26 00:00:07 EST 1998

Megan Brown wrote:

>Once you have kids, you will find that the breastfeeding debate is not the
>only controversial issue with passionate devotees lined up on each side.
>There's the whole circumcision debate, which gets even more vitriolic, the
>debate about staying at home vs. working, whether to feed store-bought baby
>food or make your own, how to discipline your kids, whether your kids should
>call you by your first name or "Mom" and "Dad", whether your kids should
>learn to read before they start school, the list is endless.

That's what I meant.  I'm sorry for picking on breast-feeding specifically.
 I did that because I had recently read articles on the subject, with
snotty answers in the Letters to the Editor section the next month, like
"if you can't make time for breastfeeding for a year, maybe you shouldn't
have children."  Everyone's got a strong opinion about what women should do
with their lives, especially concerning kids.  My sense is that the "if you
can't be supermom, you just shouldn't bother" crowd is awfully loud and
vocal, and their sniping takes a lot of effort to ignore.  And the effort
it takes to make one's own decisions in this kind of atmosphere gives the
decisions the aura of being very stark.


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