Re. having it all: kids, the academy...

Laurel Bernstein lbernstein at
Sat Aug 29 12:02:13 EST 1998

Una Smith wrote:
> If men can have showers at work (and this seems to be common), I
> see no reason why women can't have a private place and a fridge
> for pumping breast milk. 
	You can use the lunchroom fridge -- though I always put the milk in the
freezer to minimize the chances that someone would use it in their
coffee!  ;-)

> But there is no reason why any perks
> should be supplied in the absence of demand.  What's the big deal
> about asking for whatever you need?
	Good point. Budgets are tight, and seldom are things provided without
evidence of their need. So if you can't find your own solution (I bought
a rice paper windowshade at Pier 1 for my office door, which was glass,
and had a lock installed), by all means ASK, though you would of course
do best to have some specific proposals in mind for how to accomplish
whatever you're requesting (this idea is absolutely not limited to
motherhood-related subjects).

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