Did we have it all and lose it?

Linnea Ista lkista at unm.edu
Sat Aug 29 12:02:03 EST 1998

On 26 Aug 1998, Una Smith wrote:

> One thing I decided was to avoid personal conversations with anyone
> who gives me gratuitous nasty-grams.  They aren't worth the effort.  
> Nor do I repeat, think about, or talk about them.  And I don't read
> women's magazines, etc.  I even stop reading this newsgroup whenever
> the agony-aunt quotient gets too high.
That's all well and good, but it seems like sometimes this means avoiding
everyone. Just little things like when we had a mini baby-boom in the
folk-dance group I attend and people saying "Well, Linnea, I guess you are
next!" and then questioning why when I said no way. It is also in many
cases undesirable to aviod talking to your family and a lot of pressure
comes from there!

I have found a good strategy is to turn to someone who is being really
inappropriate and saying "I am really sorry, but this is none of your
business!" or ask them if they want to hear my views on our personal
responsibilities in regard to overpopulation! 

Thanks for listening,

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