women hires

Chris Hitchcock hitchcoc at sfu.ca
Mon Aug 31 16:42:47 EST 1998

In article <v03102802b208705f8d05@[]>,
Caroline J. Walker <walkerc at CLEMSON.EDU> wrote:
>I have been interviewing in industry recently and was amazed and pleased to
>see the number of women bosses.  My perception (which could admittedly be
>way off) was that the women were thriving in industry.

I have been told that the sex ratio among hightech management is close
to parity. On the other hand, those managers are often not trained
in the science, but in business, or communications, and have worked 
there way across disciplines into the high tech industry. Don't know
how true that is, and I wonder if anyone else knows more about 
it ... 


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