Take your Daughters to Work Day

Chris Odt chriso at dfrc.wisc.edu
Wed Feb 4 13:50:45 EST 1998

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ravena at cco.caltech.edu (Karen Lona Allendoerfer) wrote:

>         I don't have a daughter, but my local undergraduate alumni
> association is sponsoring a "Take your daughters to work day" by matching
> local teenagers with female alumnae.  I got a card asking if I wanted to
> participate.
>         It sounds like it could be a great idea, but like a lot of things
> it would have to be done right.  Has anyone else taken a daughter or
> daughter-for-a-day to work with them in lab?  What did you do with them for
> a whole day?  How did they seem to react?  Do people think this is a good
> way to get girls interested in science careers?
> Karen

You should do it.  But make sure you include about a 2 hour pizza lunch. 
A girls gotta eat, after all.

I occ. bring my 9yr old, and occ. a friend, and we have had her entire
class here, and we have done Daughters to Work Days.  (except we do boys
too)  They love doing something hands on.......easy things, like making
dilutions, reading them in a spec 20, pipetting liquids, recording your
results, streaking plates, looking under scopes (light and electron),
starting epuipment, looking at other labs, wearing lab coats and safety
glasses (take a polaroid snapshot..!), potting plants in a greenhouse,
working the autoclaves, 
writing up any results in a REAL lab notebook (talk about hypothesis,
procedure, results, conclusions).........its easy to get a days worth of
activities in.
Magnetic stir plates are always a hit too.  Just get her interested in
science by letting her do SOMETHING, not just by watching you.

You will know if you got through to her.....you will be able to see the
excitement in her eyes.  If you can muster it, work with 2 girls, who are
friends, and get them both doing experiments.

(anaerobic tents are always a big hit, too)
(dont plan on getting any of your own work done, that day, by the way)

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