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 From Science Jan 23 1998 vol 279 p 487

Public Agenda (non profit group in NY) poll of 2600 people.

Q:Does a high school diploma mean that a student has at least learned the basics?

A:              Y        N

Professors     22%      76%
Employers      35%      63%
Parents        62%      32%
Teachers       73%      26%
Students       77%      22%

This suggests that those who deal with the products of the educational system (professors 
and employers) think high school grads are ill equipped, while those who have the most 
imput into the system (parents, teachers, and students) think all is well.  

This to me is the biggest argument for not leaving standards decisions soley in the hands 
of professional educators.   

In a similar vein, a while ago there was a thread discussing the consumer attitude of 
students toward college and grading. I just read a review of a book "Generation X Goes to 
College", and what I got from the review was that the book echoed most of the points made 
in the newsgroup discussion. Chalk one up for women-in-bio.
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