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Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at
Fri Feb 6 12:17:08 EST 1998

I saw a similar disparity in my Freshman Biology classes over the last three
years.  The last question on my final exam is usually, "What grade do you
expect to get in this class?".  The students are usually expecting one or
two grades higher than what they earn.  The first semester I did this, I
thought the students were putting down what they would like.  One semester I
had 20 people out of 60 failing and only one said they were expecting an
"F".  I've had students with C's expecting A's because they attended every
class.  I have heard students say that if they attended every class in high
school they were guaranteed a C and expected college to be no different.

I don't have an answer to making the students realize they have to learn
something to get a passing grade.  I tell them what I expect at the start of
the semester but, I've been told they don't believe me.  "I'm too nice to
flunk them or give them a low grade"!

Just my .02 worth

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