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: I'm teaching a senior level nutrition course now and am seeing some real
: doozies in terms of spelling and grammar on the assignments the students

<shudder> Spelling and grammar has declined so dramatically here
that a new course called "Writing for Science" has been made a 
graduation requirement.  Despite this, the assignments I see handed
in are still abysmal.  (After all, to pass one merely has to have 
'average' ability and what passes for average these days would have
qualified as unmitigated failure two decades ago.)

I have to confess, one of the errors which really sets my teeth on
edge is article-noun-verb agreement when the noun is of Latin origin;
media/medium, data/datum are the worst offenders.

: macronutrients are digested today.  (At the very least, I expect nutrition
: majors to know something about the digestive system!)

One of my all-time favourite test questions is "Is the pH of DNA acidic
or basic?"  The scarcity of correct answers is enough to make one 
weep.  Obviously they're using "DNA" as jargon rather than actually
taking the time to understand what the acronym means.


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