Brouhaha in CA

Jenny Wilkinson jwilkinson at
Tue Feb 10 11:58:19 EST 1998

I must say I whole hearted agree with the sentiments expressed by 
Deirdre.  As someone who has spent a great deal of time teaching 
student straight out of school or mature age student who haven't 
studied for years I would much prefer that by the end of my subjects  
the students had a basic understanding of science and its principles 
rather than memorising every bit of info in the textbook.

I see no point in showing off how clever I am or how complex the 
material is, if after 5 min I've loss 99% of the class.

I really enjoy the naiveity and innocence of the students - the later 
year students tend to bore me (to a certain extent) with their 
attitude that they know all about science. Let's face it for most of 
us the battle is to keep up in our one area and I feel the more time 
passes the less I really know.  It's worried me for a few years now 
that somewhere between late primary school and the end of uni.  we 
lose the fascination with science and start to think we know it all 
(and that all is knowable!).  

One thing that Deirde said that I think is often over looked is the 
fostering of curiosity.  Sometimes I wish all students were like 4 
year olds who ask why all the time instead of 18 year olds who take 
everything I say as gospel.

A bit off topic  - but my 5 cents worth!


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