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Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at
Wed Feb 11 11:59:16 EST 1998

>One thing that Deirde said that I think is often over looked is the 
>fostering of curiosity.  Sometimes I wish all students were like 4 
>year olds who ask why all the time instead of 18 year olds who take 
>everything I say as gospel.

I agree with this.  When I taught at Winston-Salem State U., the best days
were when the Head Start kids toured the lab.  One four-year-old wanted to
know where the colors in autumn leaves come from.  I explained that the
colors were always there but, the green covered them up so you couldn't see
them until the green disappeared.  (I know it's more complex, I'm a botanist
and he was 4). He thought about that for a minute, looked me in the eye, and
said, "Okay, where did the green go?".  What happens between pre-school and
college? (besides hormones).

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