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S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Tue Feb 17 12:12:45 EST 1998

Hi--just a reminder to check out the women in biology internet
launch page at http://flosun.salk.edu/~forsburg/bio.html .  I've 
added a lot of the links (my thanks to Mary Ann and others who
continue to suggest relevant sites).  Again, I'm keeping it focussed 
on issues that I consider of particular relevance to women in biology 
readers;  a certain personal bias is thus apparent but I'm not
pretending to be exhaustive, or objective :-).  
I've recently sent the URL to a number
of related sites and I hope that they will choose to link to it.
If you would like to link to it from your own web sites feel free.

As for the mail bounce messages that Deirdre and others are 
receiving...I think this reflects problems with the email addresses
of some of the people who receive the listserv version of this
newsgroup.  Your address is the "reply to" so you get the bounced
mail.  I expect that those who maintain the listserv also see this
and will toss out the out-of-date addresses.  

I heartily recommend accessing women-in-bio through the 
web page at http://www.bio.net/hypermail/WOMENINBIOLOGY/
for prompt access to the postings and an easy way to
keep your mailbox trim.
DON'T REPLY to the email address in header.
It's an anti-spam.  Use the one below.
S L Forsburg, PhD  forsburg at salk.edu
Molecular Biology and Virology Lab          
The Salk Institute, La Jolla CA 
"These are my opinions.  I don't have  
time to speak for anyone else."

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