Algal Biliproteins

Deirdre Sholto-Douglas finch at MCS.COM
Wed Feb 25 09:41:37 EST 1998

Is anyone familiar with the work of P. O'Carra (1964) regarding
the separation of the algal biliproteins R-phycoerythrin and 
R-phycocyanin? We are attempting to replicate this experiment 
as a teaching lab since it nicely combines biological, chemical and 
physical processes (and frankly, appears to be a procedure which
won't rupture the departmental budget.)

He describes using a Calcium phosphate gel column and the addition 
of stepwise phosphate buffers to elute the coloured proteins from
 _Porphyra_. His methodology states that Celite was mixed to the 
gel "as support" but its unclear exactly how much was used.  
Admittedly, the gel is decidedly unstable as is and would probably 
benefit from the addition of diatomaceous earth. 

Has anyone done something similar or know the rough proportions 
of such a mixture? 

Thanks in advance.

Deirdre Sholto-Douglas

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