Are you feeling overworked?

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Tue Jan 6 18:19:26 EST 1998

>So, do women in science work more than men?
>I find myself putting in long hours and feeling put-upon from time to
>time, but I'm wondering if this is a common problem with proefssional women.

No, I don't think women work more than men, but that people in science work
longer hours (and often feel put-upon) compared to many other fields.  Or
is it just academics?  There is this underlying idea that if you DON'T put
in absurd hours, you aren't REALLY serious about science.  And of course,
when one joins a faculty (if one joins a faculty) then one is asked to
juggle teaching, "service", mentoring, and science - and of course, try to
have a normal life? (i.e., partners, maybe offspring or hobbies or pets or
heaven forbid, some combination of the above).

But to bring back a conclusion reached when some aspects of work
ethic/normal life were discussed earlier, it is possible to be human and
have a career in science -- but it does require juggling, and recognition
that we won't do it all perfectly (i.e., I do not try to make all the
things that my mother made when I was a child for my daughter - seems
enough to keep the house acceptably clean).

And it would all be easier if we all had housekeepers ;)


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