Are you feeling overworked?

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Wed Jan 7 12:03:39 EST 1998

Linden and Kim:
  On Overworking:     We chose our profession.  We work as hard as males in
comparable fields.  So don't  try  to be the Martha Stewart of the world. .
Do your best, live your life and let the dishes sit in the sink overnight
(maybe two nights with chlorox) get the kids lunches packed, don't even
worry about  the things your Mother did: pick and choose the things you do
for your kids--we are in a different ball game unless you have married
(significant other) a millionaire.   Pick the life you want to live and the
let the laundry go a day.    A housekeeper, a cook,   a garderner and a
driver are rainbow dreams.  I would settle for a good facial once in a
while.  Husbands et al, kids etc. are VIP these are the folks that keep you
going and they will be there well after you reach "emeritus" status.

Maybe we need a big time discussion on time management that allows us to do
the things we must do professionally, and things we want to do
professionally.  I think it would be helpful it some of us submitted job
descriptions to help

Mary Ann Sesma.

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