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:   On Overworking:     We chose our profession.  We work as hard as males in

It's easy to say "Let the dishes sit.", but there (at least in *this*
household) has to be an awareness that certain things, if ignored,
don't go away, they just ultimately become a bigger job when one finally
does give them attention.

I divide my time between two labs (8 miles apart)...and despite actually
working longer hours than my Spousal Unit, my time has more flex to it.
The biggest problem I've faced is when I'm *not* working on-site or
in the lab.  I prefer to do the majority of my writing and my lit
searches from my office at home (mainly because my home computer is
simpatico and the lab computer hates me.)  There is *still*, even in
these days of rampant telecommuting, this lingering idea that if one
is at home, one is not 'really working'...particularly if one is 
juggling mom duties with work duties.  The fact that I can do 
laundry during 'working hours' means, in actuality, I'm doing twice
as much as I would be if I was sequestered in my lab.

It's not the hours that drive me crazy, it's the interruptions.  Even
after a decade of working at home, I still get people who believe that
I have the liberty to simply drop everything any time I like and, if
anything, it's the exact opposite.  One is required to have considerable
self-discipline to be productive in an environment conducive to pro-

Oddly enough, when my spouse works at home, no one questions whether
or not he's working or assumes he's available for <insert errand here>.
It's aculturation and conditioning...for every soul one educates with
regard to "Yes, I am *really* doing work here." there's half-dozen 
more waiting outside the door.  Sometimes it's enough to make me want
to get friendly with the lab computer...but not quite.


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