marriage and name-changing

Annette Kiewietdejonge amkiwi at
Thu Jan 8 11:56:14 EST 1998

Could he be a fellow bearer of a Dutch name?  You can well imagine most
people boggle on mine but I saw no reason to give it up when I got married,
even for an admittedly easier one (Kenna).  Since my name is often
truncated as it is, there is really no point going through the hypenation

My father (who is 77) is however of the old school and persists in
addressing everything to Annette Kiewietdejonge-Kenna.  When I asked him
his opinion on the spelling of my name on my diploma (I get my BS in May)
since our name is originally spelled Kiewiet de Jonge, he expressed
surprise that I wasn't tacking on the Kenna! Oh well...

And yes, Ed has received mail addressed to Mr. Edward Kiewietdejonge ;-)


>My partner-in-crime has a surname with 11 letters in it.  There's no way I
>could hyphenate my name and his without some computer program butchering
>it.  He's already endured the indignity of being called "Mr. Fuller", even
>though we're not married yet.  He usually brushes it off, given that most
>people in TX and NC have problems pronouncing "Vrieslander".

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