Are you feeling overworked?

Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at
Thu Jan 8 16:27:14 EST 1998

Dierdre Sholto-Douglas

>It's not the hours that drive me crazy, it's the interruptions.  Even
>after a decade of working at home, I still get people who believe that
>I have the liberty to simply drop everything any time I like and, if
>anything, it's the exact opposite.  One is required to have considerable
>self-discipline to be productive in an environment conducive to pro-

Interruptions are what drive me crazy at work.  Students seem to feel that
if you're not in the classroom, you're not doing anything.  Scheduled office
hours mean nothing; if you're in the office you must not be busy.  The
general public seems to have a similar perception of how busy a college
professor is.  If we aren't in front of a class we must not be working so,
we get huge salaries ;) for only 12 hours of work if we're only in class for
12 hours (I know I'm getting off subject - oops).  

It does seem to be odd, however, as Dierdre says, that if you're working
somewhere outside of the office (in my case, in the lab) that people don't
hesitate to interrupt. 

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