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> A housekeeper, a cook,   a garderner and a
> driver are rainbow dreams. 

ACTUALLY, a housekeeper is well worth the investment.  After a long
period of struggling with the housework ourselves, we finally started
making enough money to treat ourselves.  We have a person come once
every other week to do the grunge work (vacuuming, dusting, toilets &
sinks, mopping and polishing) and it only costs $55.  It also inspires
us to pick the clutter up (the rest of the time we let the clutter
accumulate).  We are also heavily into pre-prepared foods and fast
meals like fresh pasta with grilled meat and prebagged salad. The
dishes usually sit overnight in the sink, then get tossed in the
dishwasher (actually, I've heard the new dishwashers are great-- they
come with little garbage disposals in them so you don't have to rinse
your dishes at all-- we are saving to get one).  Laundry is only a once
a week thing (although usually 2-3 loads in a heavy duty washer at the
rate 2 kids can fly through clothes).  Our house is not spotless and
our neighbors always wonder why our cars are so dirty and why our grass
is so long (the lawn is presently cluttered with molehills).  But we
stay sane this way and have more fun with our kids.

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