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I ran into the following article in my weekend peregrinations 
around the internet at

This refers to a "workshop" last summer at Cornell.

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Gender Workshop at Cornell Misses  Mark 

 A faculty workshop on gender issues sponsored by the Dean of
Engineering at Cornell and aimed at improving the atmosphere for
 female engineers seems to have missed its goal completely. By a
 combination of what the dean calls oversights and errors, only male
professors were invited to the "gender workshop." And, what angered
 some women even more was the focus of the meeting: how men could
protect themselves from "incrimination" and "liability" in working with
female professors and students. Fifteen, or about 7%, of the 205
professors at the College of Engineering at Cornell are women. 
 The draft agenda for the meeting said morning sessions would focus on
"legal/liability aspects of teaching advising, and working with women
students and faculty." During the afternoon, the men would talk about
"dealing with emotional students," among other topics. "This treats
 women as some sort of problem that we should try to avoid, rather than
as part of this campus and as equal partners," said Eva Tardos, a
  professor of computer science and operations research. "This was an
 incredible unfortunate incident." said Tardos. 
( Further discussion appears in the July 11, 1997 issue of The
 Chronicle of Higher Education.)
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Unfortunate indeed!  

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