publication rate/maternity leave- Thanks

Caroline J. Walker walkerc at CLEMSON.EDU
Mon Jan 12 14:43:36 EST 1998

Many thanks for all the advice on this issue.  I will be more forthright on
my next an aside on talking to Program Directors about these
problems, I did call up and talk to a program director in the POWRE (proff
opportunities for women) program at NSF.  I explained to him my personal
background (2 young kids etc) and that my proposal recieved a "very good"
but the reviewers required more preliminary results.  Since I am not
indepedantly wealthy and am currently working on another project, I thought
that 18 months of funding from a POWRE grant would allow me to make the
neccessary progress and get papers out on my own work.  HIS suggestion was
to instead do more experiments "in my spare time"! Obviously this guy had a
real concept of what I was up against.

Thanks again for the input - which is not available here.  I am stuck in a
Bio Sci dept with no female faculty doing research (have not employed a
women in over 20 years and are dammed if they will.....) and male faculty
who are almost exclusively married to stay-at-home Mums.  I am now trying
to get the female grad students in the dept to look up this web site!

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