marriage and name-changing

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>I was born with a hyphenated surname and my entire adult life (on 
>the American side of the Great Undrinkable, that is) I've been asked:
> "Is that your name plus your husband's name?" 
> "No, it's my name."
> "I *know* it's your name, but which one is your husband's?"

	Since I married a German, although I did not change my name either
professionally or socially, I've also gotten this sort of thing, people
who think my name is his.  The two of us were sitting with a third
person on a plane, who it turned out was a molecular biologist M.D. 
During the flight we talked about our work to one another and the
molecular biologist and I ended up exchanging names and email
addresses.  When he saw my surname, he jokingly said "Oh, I wonder where
you got that."  I told him I'd gotten it from my parents (who are 3rd
generation Americans).  

Karen Allendoerfer

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