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S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Wed Jan 14 01:16:19 EST 1998

Thanks to Barathi and Mary Ann and others!  for suggestions
for the web page (http://flosun.salk.edu/~forsburg/bio.html).
I have added a number of new links that they have suggested.  

However, because of time and space limits, I am only adding
 the links  particularly about women scientists,
with a strong bias towards biology.  Again, the purpose of
this site is not to be a complete list of all links, 
but to be a starting point for further exploration and a 
compilation of resources most useful to women biologists.  
I  urge others with strong interests in education and 
minority issues in science to set up complementary 
internet launch pages.   HTML code is easy to write, 
the search engines can rapidly track down links for you,
and there are several venues that will host web pages 
for free.

And, if you have links you think are relevant to women in
biology, please continue to post them here, or email me at 
the address below.

DON'T REPLY to the email address in header.
It's an anti-spam.  Use the one below.
S L Forsburg, PhD  forsburg at salk.edu
Molecular Biology and Virology Lab          
The Salk Institute, La Jolla CA 
"These are my opinions.  I don't have  
time to speak for anyone else."

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