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Fri Jan 23 12:49:10 EST 1998

>Hi group,
>I am a graduate student trying to plan a "curriculum" for a fun-based science
>series for children this summer , ages elementary school-middle school.  Does
>anyone know of some good websites for short science projects suitable for
>Anne Nye, lurker
>annenye at

Dear Anne Nye Carpenter:

 Are you "planning". collecting resources or actually implementing a
program.  This seems to a rather large grade span and  I assume multiple
sites?.  If you are implementing, designing a curriculum I can be of
assistance.  I have done this all of my professional life.   Please define
your curriculum sequence (across the grade levels)  so I can provide you
with some  resources and also your target population of students (age, sex,
ethnicity, language capacity) and your target population of teachers and
parents.   Do you have students with special needs?

Mary Ann Sesma

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