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Sat Jan 24 15:53:42 EST 1998

Dear Sunny:

>I am apalled that anyone would refuse such a magnaimous offer!!  But that
>is why we as a
>stae continue to fall further and further behind, not just in the sciences
>but in almost all
>subjects.  There are no real standards!
>Sunny Stewart
>sunnyesq at

You have hit the nail directly on the head:  There are no standards.  Just
a lot of talk--I have yet to see in an science classroom (within my
experience) other than AP preps a concept of standards with the exception
of outstanding teachers well grounded in their subjectg matter.  This  why
you and all the others folks at the post secondary level are getting high
school students with less than acceptable skills, knowledge and all the
good educational words.

Mary Ann Sesma

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