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I respect the candor of your remarks.   I refer you and all others to the
following web site: .  This
site will illuminate the needs of the k-12 education system.  The issue is
that pedagogy and science should come together.   The San Bernardino State
College campus is well know for training in standards education, but I fear
that pedogogy may take the upper hand rather than science concepts .
Yes, I am a science educator: t I was well trained in science before
pedogogy.     There simply has to be a balance.  As for the pro bono part:
if people choose to work pro bono that is major contribution and should be
recognized.  ( I  choose to work  pro bono for one month a year)

FYI:  some news trickline from the SDE that  seems to indicate that there
will be a merger of the two groups.

<The Nobel credential alone isn't enough to convince me that
a particular group of scientists is qualified to set K-12 standards. <

Well at least they are a bit smarter than the first year BS teacher who has
majored in PE. and teaches Biology as a result of having just enough
credits in Bio to qualify for a credential , passed CBEST (which is a joke
in my mind)  and is learning pedagogy after hours

<Is it completely fair to assume that scientists
>who've been trained in lab work and who've spent a large portion of
>their lives behind a bench or a computer screen are so much more
>qualified to do this than are people who've trained in education?

I  recognize your premise.  But--when you have supervised student teachers
in science for a very long time and see the deficit in training done by the
universities there is a  serious problem.   Witness all the national and
local reform educational activities .

 I had the unusual and wonderful experience of spending two summers in the
lab of  Dr. Willard F. Libby (Nobel Chem 1960) at UCLA  Not only was he a
wonderful gentleman, but he  approached science and teaching as a holistic
concept.- that was well before educational reform.    I only wish I had
been able to absorb more.  Libby was a scientist but was a teacher.

Mary Ann Sesma


  I  have a great electrical engineer ( a senior senior engineer at  a
multinational corp)   does pro bono education for teachers in math and
physics at the K-12

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